The Pennsylvania courts take allegations of Domestic Violence very seriously. Domestic situations usually are very volatile, and emotions runs high. You should immediately call the chester county domestic violence lawyerLaw Offices of Michelle A. Fioravanti at 484-876-1543 or contact us if you have been accused of Domestic Violence, because your freedom, your home and your finances may be at risk.

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If you have been accused of Domestic Violence, a court may enter a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order if there has been actual or threatened physical abuse, including the placing of another in reasonable fear of bodily injury. PFAs may only be filed against family or household members including parents and current or former sexual or intimate partner, such as a spouse.

Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders

A PFA order can direct your removal from a jointly occupied residence and provide that no contact occur between you and the person alleging the abuse for up to 3 years. Additionally, a PFA order could direct you to refrain from having any contact with the person alleging abuse.

If a PFA order has been entered against you, you could be arrested and incarcerated pending any allegations that the PFA has been violated. Further, as part of a PFA order, a judge could enter an order granting the alleged victim custody of any minor children and payment of support on a temporary basis pending a support hearing.

Because a PFA order can have a significant impact on the possession of a jointly occupied residence, custody of minor children and support, you should immediately call the Law Offices of Michelle A. Fioravanti at 484-876-1543 or contact us so that we may start preparing a defense as soon as possible.