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It’s Halloween. Drive Safely.


It’s always a smart to be a safe driver. But it’s especially important to drive safely on Halloween, when little ghost and goblins are more focused on trick or treating than the dangers around them. Please, no speeding or driving recklessly.

Geico has some great thoughts on how to keep yourself and pedestrians safe:

  • Drive slowly. Halloween is a time of excitement and anticipation for children. Remember that adults may be so focused on keeping an eye on their children, they may forget to watch the road for oncoming vehicles.
  • Be patient and take your time. Expect to stop frequently as youngsters run from house to house or as families prepare to cross the street. Allow plenty of time so you can take as many precautions as possible, especially in high-traffic neighborhoods.
  • Go around. If you are familiar with alternate routes that will take you around, rather than through busy neighborhoods, you will cut down on possible obstacles and potential risks of driving near trick-or-treaters.
  • Stay alert. Pedestrians may not be immediately visible from your vehicle, especially if you are driving through an unlit area. Trick-or-treaters may be dressed entirely in black, making them virtually impossible to spot. So slow down and scan the area around your car carefully.
  • Beware of cars transporting trick-or-treaters. A growing trend in recent years involves parents driving their children from house to house, pulling up to each driveway and waiting while their children run to the door and back. If you are behind one of these vehicles, do not pass it quickly or without carefully checking the area as you move forward slowly. The vehicle may block your view of children that are running towards another house or across the street.
  • Stay home. Plan to arrive home early (well before the sun begins to set) or stay out past the typical rush of trick-or-treating. The best way to avoid the hazards on October 31st: don’t drive between 5:30 and 9 p.m.