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Man Charged with 15th DUI Offense

Chester County DUI Drink with Keys

A Chicago man was charged with at least his 15th DUI offense on October 20, 2012. “Why isn’t the man in jail,” you may ask yourself. He has been able to elude police for so long because he had multiple driver’s licenses with different identities. It is believed he used more than half-dozen aliases to accomplish his 15 DUI crime spree.

The use of multiple driver’s license with different identities may work for while, but it eventually will be discovered. PennDOT uses facial recognition technology to analyzeChester County DUI Drink with Keys a driver’s photo and then make sure only one name is associated with that photo. Such a method would hopefully contribute towards the prevention of   someone being charged with a 15th DUI offense.

But there is a time when PennDOT permits the assignment similar facial features to more than one name: identical twins. Unfortunately identical twins sometimes are flagged by PennDOT for having the same facial features but different names. Those cases are usually resolved by the twins going to court together, proving to the Judge that the assignment of 2 driver’s licenses for 1 set of facial features is proper.